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HMRC Key Messages 2017 and Webinars

Here are the key messages from HMRC including details of helpful webinars that offer additional online support. This page is updated on a very regular basis ensuring you receive the most up to date information including a monthly update direct from HMRC.

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Welcome to the key messages and webinar information from HMRC for 2017

HMRC digital support 

HMRC is offering digital support to your members this month. There is a selection of webinars and e-learning available to help them get your tax right first time.

Key messages

Changes to tax relief for residential landlord

From April 2017, the rules on income tax relief for interest and other finance costs relating to residential property letting have changed. Individuals, partnerships, trusts and executors of deceased estates will no longer be able to deduct all their finance costs when calculating profits on residential letting. Individuals will have tax relief restricted to the basic rate of income tax. Read more

Employers should register for PAYE Online

It is important that employers are encouraged to access PAYE online so they are aware of coding notices and important messages from HMRC.

Some generic notifications are issued to help our customers understand when something has gone wrong. For example a late PAYE submission. They highlight that you may be charged a penalty, but also that you can appeal a penalty if you disagree with or have a reasonable excuse for filing late.


Are you Disability Confident?

Almost a fifth of the working age population is disabled or has a long term health condition. The Disability Confident scheme aims to help employers make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people, helping them take steps to become inclusive and make the most of a diverse workforce. Start your Disability Confident journey by visiting Disability Confident: how to sign up to the employer scheme.


HMRC launches new Fraud Hotline

HM Revenue and Customs has launched a new hotline for the public to report fraud and evasion in the fight against tax fraud. Read more

Reporting Expenses and Benefits in Kind for the 2016-2017 tax year

Most people report online because it’s quicker, easier and cheaper. It’s also more secure. You can save paper, and you’ll get confirmation that we’ve received your submission. Read more

Alcohol wholesaler registration scheme - information for retailers and trade buyers

Please make the following message available to any of your contacts who buy alcohol for onward sale or supply from a UK wholesaler. Any business buying alcohol from a UK wholesaler for onward sale or supply to their customers will need to check that their wholesaler has been approved by HMRC under AWRS.

You can check your UK wholesaler is AWRS approved at GOV.UK. You will need to obtain your wholesalers Unique Reference Number (URN) to use in the search.

For more information, go to GOV.UK and search for the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme.

A recorded webinar is also available on GOV.UK – use the following link and scroll down to Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme.


Avoid penalties for late employment intermediary returns

Do you supply workers to an end client and are therefore classed as an employment intermediary who has to submit quarterly returns to HMRC?

For further information on penalties, see section 4 of the guidance. Read more

Paying the right amount of tax through PAYE

From May 2017 HMRC will use the real time information you give us to make automatic adjustments to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax codes as they happen, rather than waiting until the end of the tax year. This will offer far more certainty, will reduce unexpected tax bills and ensure more customers end the tax year having paid the right amount of tax.

For more business help: HMRC webinar support on GOV.UK and HMRC YouTube playlist 

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Webinars - Employer support

Statutory Sick Pay

We’ll take you through the qualifying conditions, explain key terminology such as Periods of Incapacity for Work, Waiting Days and how much to pay. Book here

Statutory Payments for Births

Find out if an employee qualifies, how much they’re entitled to and how much you can claim back. Book here

Statutory Shared Parental Pay and Leave

Learn about how employees can share their pay and leave, important dates, rates and the records you need to keep. Book here

PAYE - Using Basic PAYE Tools for the first time

A demonstration of Basic PAYE Tools, HMRC’s free payroll software for businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Book here

Employers – how to avoid in-year penalties

This webinar has information on why penalties are charged and how to avoid in year penalties for late and non-filing. Book here

Webinars - Self-employment support

Self-employment & HMRC – getting started:

Find out about National Insurance, key dates for Self Assessment, budgeting and record keeping during this webinar. Book here

Business Expenses for the self-employed

Do your members know which business expenses are allowable? Find out about typical expenses including working from home and motoring expenses. Book here

Record Keeping for the self-employed

Discover what records to keep, how to set up a system and how long to keep them for. Book here

Car Expenses and the self-employed

This webinar will advise how to use the simplified expenses method, as well as the actual costs method (including capital allowances) and also covers leasing a car and personal contract purchases. Book here

VAT and Motoring Expenses

This webinar will explain how to avoid common errors with VAT motoring expenses and provide a reminder of the general rules that apply when reclaiming VAT on the purchase of cars and when hiring and leasing vehicles. Book here

VAT – an introduction:

In this live, interactive webinar, you’ll discover how VAT works. Learn about the basics of VAT – including registering, rates of VAT, your online return and more… Book here  

There will be the usual opportunity to ask HMRC subject matter experts your questions.


Income from property for individuals

For new and prospective landlords, this live, interactive webinar explains the different types of income from property, allowable expenses and a landlord’s responsibilities to HMRC.

Join from a computer, tablet or smartphone and use the on screen text box to ask questions. Book your place here

If you miss out on the chance to attend the webinar you can watch a recorded one here.    

HMRC have also updated their e-learning guide, 'Letting out a property'. This guide will benefit both new and experienced landlords, and it now has a 'News' section with the latest information from HMRC on property letting.

More business help

HMRC webinar support on GOV.UK  and HMRC YouTube playlist