Join a member panel and stay ahead of the game

Through our panels, members of the Forum get the opportunity to have a voice in government, influence the people who can make a difference and shape future legislation.

If you often read about government decisions that affect business and have a thing or two to say about it, now you can by joining a member panel. All you need is a spare five minutes every few months to let us know what you think about a business issue.

Benefits to members

  • Make an impact on future policy-making in government and have your say on the issues you feel strongly about
  • A chance to unite with other small businesses in the UK on issues important to SMEs.

What's involved?

When you sign up to a panel you will receive a short email questionnaire once or twice a year, which will take around five minutes to complete. We may also occasionally send you an email about proposed changes to legislation.

Which panels can I join? 

You can join as many of the following panels as you want. Each panel will be contacted once or twice a year, so the more you join, the more involved you'll be.

  • Employment
  • Export
  • Finance and cashflow
  • Health and safety
  • Tax and budget
  • Training and skills
  • Scotland.

"If you've ever felt that your voice was not heard, that your opinion was unimportant and nothing would change anyway - think again. We've found the member panels invaluable as a tool to not only get your point over but to the right people, too!" - Sam McCallum, Hartwood Oak Buildings

To join a panel, email If you're not already a member of the Forum, join here.