Business ethics pledge

The UK is facing a crisis of trust in big business.

Too many big businesses are behaving like unscrupulous operators with little concern for the livelihood of the UK’s small business owners. It’s time for Britain’s honest workers who play by the rules to have their say and have their interests be heard.

We’re calling on responsible corporate businesses, politicians and policymakers to sign up to our Business Ethics Pledge by vowing to:

  1. Promote responsible business in the UK
  2. Treat suppliers as we wish to be treated
  3. Build long term relationships with local enterprises
  4. Challenge industry to operate openly and ethically
  5. Encourage partnership with SMEs to create jobs and boost local economies.

If you'd like to support the campaign, leave your details below and a member of our Policy team will be in touch. If you'd like to report a business for bad practice, visit our Hall of Shame.

Sign the pledge

You can pledge on behalf of yourself or your organisation below. All submissions are checked by our policy team before being added to the list of pledges.